Accident Prevention List
Employee Knowledge
1. Date of last employee training
2. Date of last supervisor training
3. Job Safety Techniques
4. Accident Reporting
5. Near Miss Reporting
6. Hazard Reporting
Program Administration
1. Person assigned to manage records
2. Record keeper Trained
3. Accident prevention included in new employee safety orientation
4. Date of Last Audit
1. All accident reports on file
2. OSHA 101 Forms complete
3. OSHA 200 Log complete
1. Engineering Safeguards
2. Administrative Safeguards
3. Training Safeguards
Action Points
1. Safety Committee has reviewed all reports
2. Management has reviewed all reports
3. All recommended actions for each report completed
4. Date of last program review by W/C Insurance Carrier/ Third Party Administrator
5. Insurance Carrier recommendations completed
6. W/C Third Party Administrator recommendations completed