Emergency Action Plan Checklist
A great checklist to insure your emergency action plan is order. Checklist provided courtesy of Timothy E. Smith
1. Is the Emergency Action Plan written?
2. Is the written plan accessible to employees?
3. Are emergency escape procedures and emergency escape routes assigned?
4. Are procedures established to account for all employees after the emergency evacuation has been completed?
5. Has an employee alarm system been established? Specific to a particular OSHA standard
6. If an employee alarm system is used for other purposes, have distinctive signals for each purpose been developed?
7. Has the employer designated and trained a sufficient number of persons to assist in the safe and orderly evacuation of employees (generally one warden per 20 employees)?
8. Has the employer reviewed the emergency action plan with each employee covered by the plan initially, and when the plan or the employee’s responsibilities under the plan change?
9. Is the written plan kept at the workplace and available for employee review?
10. Is the plan real or just a subterfuge to avoid compliance with regulation? -Does the employer actually intend to have employees respond to emergencies?
11. Does the employer intend to have employees handle incidental releases? -If so, are the training, tools, equipment and PPE appropriate for handling small releases of the hazardous substance available in the work area?
12. Are the evacuation routes and procedures developed, and do they work well with the methods developed for emergency alerting and the designation of places of refuge? .38(a)(2)(ii) - Are the meeting places specified in the Emergency Action Plan?
13. Are the necessary shutdown procedures documented and detailed?
14. The emergency evacuation routes are required to be posted, are the locations identified in the Emergency Evacuation Plan?
15. Is the Building Monitor and the Emergency Action Coordinator identified? - Is the procedure for contact between these individuals and Emergency Services?
16. Are provisions in place to assist those individuals who may need assistance getting out?
17. Is the 911 emergency telephone number identified in the plan?
18. Has all building or departmental safety equipment (extinguishers, fire hoses, exit signs, emergency lab equipment, etc) been inspected, repaired or replaced as needed?