Arson Reduction Checklist
A high percentage of farm fires are started deliberately, either as an act of mindless vandalism or arson. Whilst arson attacks on farms and small holdings may be difficult to eliminate, a number of simple precautions can substantially reduce the risk of attack. This checklist, designed by the Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service, will help you identify potential risks on your farm. To view the original checklist, please click here. This checklist is intended as a guide. For Fire Safety Advice, consult your local Community Fire Protection Office.
Signal crime
1. Vandalism
Is there a history of vandalism or fire setting in the area around the farm?
2. Tresspasing
Is trespass a problem?
1. Hay and straw removal
Is hay and straw removed from the field as soon as possible after harvesting?
2. Hay and straw storage
Is hay and straw stored separately from other farm buildings particularly those housing fuels, agrochemicals and machinery?
3. Hay and straw storage
Is hay and straw stored in stacks of reasonable size spaced at least 10 metres apart?
4. Hay and straw storage
Is hay and straw stored separately from livestock housing?
1. Fuels storage
Are petrol, diesel and other fuels stored in secure areas?
2. Fuel storage tank
Are fuel storage tank outlets padlocked?
3. Fertilisers and pesticides
Are fertilisers and pesticides kept under lock and key?
4. Maintenance of farms buildings
Is the security of all farm buildings maintained at all times?
5. Security lighting
Is security lighting provided?
6. Intruder alarm
Are the farm buildings fitted with a fully operational intruder alarm with a monitored link to an alarm receiving station?
7. Refuse disposal
Is all refuse disposed of safely and on a regular basis?
Fire Safety Management
1. Unocuppied areas
Are all unoccupied areas regularly checked to ensure they are safe and secure and that there is no unnecessary accumulation of combustible materials?