5S General Checklist for Internal Verification
A general 5S Checklist for use internally.
1. Safety Equipment
Is everyone wearing proper safety equipment?
2. Unused Equipment and Machinery
Is unused equipment and machinery eliminated from the area?
3. Up To Date Work Instructions
Are up to date work instructions available and used at the workstations?
4. Bins and Parts
Are all bins and parts properly identified and tagged?
5. Elimination of Obsolete Inventory
Is obsolete inventory eliminated from the area?
6. Removal of Foreign Material
Is the floor and machinery free from all foreign material?
7. State of Machinery
Are machines clean and in good repair?
8. Dust and Dirt
Are sources of dust and dirt under control?
9. Cleaning and Checking Schedules
Are cleaning and checking schedules available and in documented use?
10. Aisles and Doorways
Are aisles and doorways free from material and blockage?
11. Elimination of Tripping Hazards
Are tripping hazards and obstructions eliminated?
12. Work Area Boundaries
Are work area boundaries clearly marked?
13. Storage Places
Are storage places for all tools and equipment designated and marked?
14. Storage of Unused Materials
Are all unused tools and equipment properly stored?
15. Storage of Raw Materials
Are all raw materials and WIP properly stored?
16. Regular Auditing Process
Is there a regular auditing process to verify compliance with all elements of the production and safety systems?
17. Labelling and Placement of Scrap Parts
Are scrap parts labeled and only placed in areas designated for scrap?
18. Labeling of Carts, Etc.
Are all carts, racks and dollies taped off and labeled?
19. Carts, Racks, Dollies
Are all carts, racks and dollies within the footprint?
20. Reduction of WIP
Is WIP reduced to the least possible amount?