Accident Investigation Quiz
1. 1
It is best to interview witnesses all together to save time. T/F
False. Witnesses should be interviewed separately.
2. 2
Name two environmental factors that may be involved in an accident:
Wet floor, poor lighting, cold or hot day, noise.
3. 3
Define a ÒminorÓ accident according to investigation procedures:
A ÒminorÓ accident is when the injured employee does not require outside medical attention.
4. 4
The main reason for investigating accidents is to place blame somewhere. T/F
False. Accidents are investigated so corrective actions can be taken to prevent another accident.
5. 5
Employees only need to report injuries if they think they need to see a doctor. T/F
False. Employees need to report all injuries, no matter how small, and near miss incidents.
6. 6
Prior to arriving at the accident scene, one team member should have grabbed the:
Prior to arriving at the scene, one team member should have grabbed the investigation kit.
7. 7
Describe at least two factors to investigate about the injured employee:
Alcohol or drugs, medication, illness, tired, extra shift, eyesight.
8. 8
How could the time of an accident be considered a causal factor?
Early morning accident related to tired, inattentive employee. Late afternoon accident related to fatigue of a full day of work.
9. 9
Describing the general accident location is adequate for the report. T/F
False. The report requires very specific details of the location of an accident.
10. 10
Describe at least two factors to investigate when equipment is involved:
Equipment malfunction, employee training and skill level, amount of supervision.